Sunday, May 15, 2022

It was all about the minnows.

So very happy to be included in the latest issue of Zee Zahava’s ‘Lost Paper’. 'Water' was the theme for this collection of short non-fiction prose -- and there are so many compelling stories here. Very grateful to be among them.

It was all about the minnows. I abandoned my sandwich on our blanket mid-picnic and followed the grass to a short wall rimming the lake. A fallen willow branch, thin like my father’s bamboo fly rod he liked to whip in the backyard, lay at my feet. I used to chase the small yellow training weights flickering in the grass after each cast. The lake that afternoon seemed full of those pale darting fish and I just knew my rod could catch them. By the third stroke of my imagination I’d lost my balance and tumbled into the water, losing the willow and a shoe. The next summer my father gave me a short fly rod for my eighth birthday and a few backyard casting lessons from his end of the line.

- Lorraine A Padden

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